I’m excited to announce today that I am launching my re-election campaign for New Mexico’s Secretary of State.

I believe in greater transparency in government and making it easier for people across New Mexico to vote.

Help get me started and join my campaign with a $25 contribution.

As your Secretary of State, I’ve increased transparency in government by implementing financial disclosure forms for elected officials and state employees. These forms are available in an online database so that in the coming years, they can be accessed online. I released a draft campaign finance rule that includes a robust public input process. I believe that the people of New Mexico have a right to know where campaign money comes from and where it goes.

We need to increase voting turnout and to make voting easier. That’s why I created the Native American Voting Task force with the goal to increase tribal voter registration, education and election participation.

I helped create the partnership with the Family Friendly New Mexico Business Awards, which recognizes and supports business that adopt and implement family friendly policies for their employees. I championed the creation of statewide ethics commission legislation that would lead to a constitutional amendment fostering greater public accountability and increased ethics.

Together, we can continue to work for a more transparent and ethical government and to protect voting rights for all New Mexicans. Will you join me as i kick off my campaign?