Toulouse Oliver Only Dem Endorsed by Roswell Daily Record

ALBUQUERQUE - In perhaps the most hotly contested race in the state, Bernalillo County Clerk and Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, scored a significant coup when she became the only Democrat to be endorsed by the Roswell Daily Record.

“Protecting the right to vote isn’t a Democrat or Republican value - it’s a New Mexico value,” said Toulouse Oliver. “I thank the Roswell Daily Record for their support of my nonpartisan plans to ensure every eligible voter has an easy way to register to vote, an accessible way to cast their ballot and the confidence that their ballot will be counted accurately.”

From the endorsement:

“[Toulouse Oliver] has pledged throughout her campaign to take politics out of the secretary of state office, an office that many in the state believe should be nonpartisan. Oliver is intelligent and ambitious and should be afforded the opportunity to make good on her promise.”

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