Today's News: Note from Maggie


By now I'm sure most of you have heard the news that Secretary of State Dianna Duran has resigned her office as of last night.

Secretary Duran’s resignation is an important first step in a long road toward safeguarding the public’s trust and it's clear that the office of the Secretary of State must immediately turn a page to move forward.

Public corruption and abuse of power have no place in our democracy and the hard work of implementing badly needed improvements to the systems that hold public officials, campaigns and political organizations accountable must begin immediately.

Though I am frustrated that we have lost valuable time toward making necessary reforms to strengthen trust and integrity in the Secretary's office, her resignation now provides the best opportunity for New Mexico to move forward with confidence that the people's work can continue to be carried out at the high level we all expect of our public servants.

The duties performed by the Secretary of State are immensely important to the day-to-day function of our state government, local business operations and election processes. Ensuring continued confidence and faith in this critical institution, while restoring integrity to this vital office, has to be our highest priority right now.

As per the New Mexico Constitution, the Governor will appoint a replacement for Secretary Duran, and the office will be placed on the 2016 ballot to elect someone to fill the remainder of the current term.

As you know, I ran for the office last year and lost by an extremely close margin. I ran for the office because I am passionate about effective election administration and I care deeply about the office of the Secretary of State.

My campaign last year was based exclusively on my desire to bring transparent, accountable, and - most importantly - fair leadership to the Secretary of State’s office. I have made those principles the bedrock of my work in Bernalillo County over the last 8.5 years as County Clerk, and they will continue to serve as the basis for my work going forward.

Since last night's announcement many constituents, friends and supporters have asked if I will run for this office. I am actively considering a run, and will make any decision based on how best I can continue to serve the people of New Mexico.