Toulouse Oliver: I Am Running To Ensure Accountability

Democratic Candidate
Secretary of State

New Mexicans deserve a government they can trust.

Unfortunately, for too long, some of our leaders have abused the public’s trust, landing politicians in jail and leaving voters disillusioned.

I am running for New Mexico Secretary of State to ensure accountability and transparency in state government so that New Mexicans can trust their elected leaders – and the election process.

For the past nine years, I have served as Bernalillo County Clerk, supervising elections for the state’s largest county. I am proud to have increased voter access in our county by expanding early voting locations and by establishing voting convenience centers that allow voters to cast their ballot at the location that works best for them.

Technology is another key to improving our elections process. I worked with local leaders to update voting systems to ensure accurate counts and protect the integrity of each vote. I also launched the My Vote Center app, which allows voters to easily find the closest polling place to them and provides them with up-to-the-minute information on wait times. The Presidential Election Administration hailed this technology as a best practice and it’s now a national model.

The bottom line is that the easier we make it for busy, working New Mexicans to vote, the more folks will actually vote and the more representative our democracy will be. That makes sense for all of us.

In addition to improving systems in Bernalillo County, I’ve used my position to advocate for better policies for the entire state. I am proud to have been part of the effort to bring online voter registration to New Mexico. Since January, thousands of New Mexicans have used this process to get access to the ballot. I also have fought – and will continue to do so – for an independent state ethics commission. As one of the few states in the nation without such a commission, New Mexico is missing a critical opportunity to hold elected leaders accountable and help the public trust in their government.

As Secretary of State, I will continue to improve and modernize the election process in our state to make voting is easier – not harder. I will continue to fight for ethics reforms and campaign finance reporting reforms that make government more accountable and transparent.

In order for Democracy to work, people must trust their government and they must participate in the process. I have the experience and the know-how to build that trust and to allow for that participation.

With your support, we can give New Mexicans what they deserve: an accountable, transparent government that they can believe in.