Why I'm Running


I’m running to restore integrity and public trust in the Secretary of State’s office.

My top priority will be to enact thoughtful and innovative reforms to New Mexico’s campaign finance system and hold elected officials, government employees, candidates, lobbyists and all political groups to the highest levels of ethical standards and accountability. The people of New Mexico deserve to have leaders they can trust.
I have dedicated my public service to protecting the right to vote and fighting back against any restrictions on fair access to the ballot box. That’s why I have also been an outspoken advocate for campaign finance and governmental ethics reform.
Specifically, I’ve called for the establishment of a statewide ethics commission, technical as well as policy improvements to state campaign finance law, and regulations that raise the bar for disclosure and audit procedures.
As Secretary, I will:
  • Establish clear rules and guidelines that close loopholes and end confusion around campaign finance reporting;
  • Create a new, searchable campaign finance and lobbyist disclosure portal;
  • IMG_0407.jpgPut rules in place to ensure mandatory descriptions of services, expenditures and in-kind donations; and
  • Put in place a report audit system performed by audit professionals.


As our next Secretary of State, I will build on the progress I have made in Bernalillo County protecting the voting process and ensuring fairness in elections by bringing successful innovations that have made voting easier and more accessible to the rest of the state.

I will have an open door and work with local officials to ensure that every county in New Mexico has the right voting systems in place to meet their own needs for conducting transparent and secure elections. Fair elections are too important to politicize and I will bring much-needed, non-partisan leadership to an office that has been overly political for far too long.

In office, I will protect every eligible New Mexican’s right to vote, and supports strengthening access to the polls with same day voter registration, expansion of early voting hours and properly training poll workers to ensure no registered voter is ever turned away from the polls.



Creating jobs is New Mexico’s number one priority and I will embrace and enhance the Secretary’s role in creating a online Corporations hub or portal that cuts the red tape for small business owners while streamlining delivery of essential services to help New Mexico’s businesses thrive.

I will strengthen our commitment to supporting local business owners by ensuring that all New Mexicans have access to the resources they need to plan, start and expand their operations.

I have been a strong advocate of SB9, a recently passed state law creating a “One-Stop-Shop” Business Portal to cut red tape for local businesses. Upon assuming office, I will work across agencies to ensure that law is implemented as quickly as possible.