ICYMI: Duran's Mismanagement of SOS Office Is Under Fire

ALBUQUERQUE- This week, two articles have come out shining a light on Dianna Duran’s failures to properly handle MVD voter registrations. Santa Fe voter Brian Sweeney, penned a hard-hitting letter to the Santa Fe New Mexican detailing the events that led up to him being forced to vote provisionally due to previously noted issues surrounding MVD registrations.  Additionally, independent investigative journalist & blogger Brad Friedman echoed the concerns around Duran’s failure to foster a culture of voter participation in New Mexico including the MVD problems.

From the Sweeney letter:

“So, to recap: MVD is losing paper voter registration forms, violates state and federal law with a nonfunctional Motor Voter system, is doing so on a scale that will likely affect a significant portion of the electorate, and the person in charge of elections in this state has known about the issue for six months but has not taken action to fix it.

“Secretary of State Dianna Duran deserves to be voted out of office in the upcoming election for her blatant dereliction of duty on this issue.”

From Brad Friedman:

“If...descriptions of the problems with compliance with the National Voter Registration Act are even close to accurate, Duran deserves to be run out of office this year for ignoring, and even undermining, one of the central responsibilities of that office. The short time we've spent looking into Duran, her record, and her (fraudulent and misleading) claims about "voter fraud", suggest she has no business being the state's chief election officer.”

Bernalillo County Clerk and nominee for Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, has repeatedly called on Secretary Duran to address and remedy this situation.