Duran Ignores Truth in Desperate Attack Ad

ALBUQUERQUE - With no choice left but to conduct a smear campaign against Bernalillo County Clerk and Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, GOP incumbent Dianna Duran has launched false attacks that fly in the face of readily available news accounts and public record regarding Maggie's time as Clerk.

Let's check the facts:

Dianna Duran wants you to believe: "Toulouse Oliver Ignores the Fraud"

The Truth: Maggie has protected the right to vote by referring every case of election fraud brought to her attention to the FBI, District Attorney, County Sheriff and even the Secretary of State's office for investigation and prosecution. 

Remember when Maggie handed over 1400 suspect voter registration forms to the FBI in 2008?

How about in 2012 when Maggie turned over a case of someone trying to vote for their son to the Bernalillo County Sheriff?

Or, contrary to what the ad wants voters to believe, when Maggie sent the case of the GOP operative who registered his dog to vote to the Bernalillo County Sheriff.

Why is Dianna Duran lying to voters? 

What Duran doesn't want voters to know is that Maggie sent her the case of a GOP voter registration misinformation campaign in June that SHE has ignored and failed to investigate.


Well, it's a dark-money group closely linked to her campaign consultant Jay McCleskey and voter fraud misinformation specialist Pat Rogers - who also hosted a fundraiser for her recently.

"I'm not surprised Dianna Duran has resorted to completely false and desperate attacks in the closing days of this campaign," said Toulouse Oliver campaign manager, Alan Packman. "As the saying goes, you're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.  And the facts are clear - Maggie has always followed the law and dealt with election fraud aggressively and swiftly.  Sadly, the attack is meant to cover up Duran's own failings on voter fraud which include illegally hiding information from the public to cover up her provably false accusations of voter fraud, failing to investigate her own donors and campaign consultant for campaign finance violations and blatantly ignoring the law when Susana Martinez signed her husband's absentee ballot request - which is a crime."